Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Big Cheese

So President Obama's coming to town. Whoo hoo!
What does that mean?

For the pundits, lots to write about and conjecture.

For Jerusalemites, more traffic jams and blocked streets.

For Israelis, some nail-biting and anticipation; for others, no change in routine at all.

And for our politicians, a challenge that will be planned in the next few days.

For Zionists all over the world - You have a chance to make it clear that Israel has the right to make our own decisions. And to have our allies stand by us.

Take one more minute when you're done reading this, to click through to : www.facebook.com/yestoastrongisrael .

"Like" the page and join in the dialogue to defend Israel's right to self-defense.

We love Israel. Let's tell our leaders and share the message with our friends, too.

p.s. In-depth analysis of how to make this a productive visit: coming next blog.

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