Monday, November 26, 2012

Watch Yaalon

Defense Minister Ehud Barak announces this morning he's leaving politics.
The man who was once Prime Minister now retires without much explanation.

What does this mean?
Expect to see a struggle for top dog - Netanyahu's got to find a new military man to take charge in the next government.

My choice?
Moshe 'Bogie' Yaalon, of course. A man with principles, experience and knowledge, serious enough to do the job and respected enough to get it done right.

Hope he rates high on the Likud list, results in tonight, but that shouldnt matter when the PM chooses his new Defense Minister. We'll be paying close attention, now and in the weeks leading up to the elections. Watch that name.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cease. Fire. Really.

Cease. Fire. Simple enough. 
Now lets see if they can keep their side of the bargain. 
Not so sure, but we can pray.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Code Red: Queens

Driving to work across the Williamsburg Bridge today, I tuned into WCBS News,
for traffic-and-weather-on-the-eights:

"Traffic in the Queens midtown tunnel..


Red Alert, Red Alert.
Missiles incoming, to Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.
Residents of these areas - go into your protected rooms now.

Light traffic flow on the Triboro Bridge.... "

Sound surreal? Welcome to Israel. Thats what the news sounded like this morning, as I tuned in on my way to work in Jerusalem. The traffic report was smoothly replaced with a missile update, then returned to just as serenely. Terrorist missiles incoming from Gaza; 3.5 million Israelis under threat of attack, in and out of their safe rooms as the siren sounds. Fifteen seconds to run for cover. Ten minutes later, free to emerge and go about your daily business.

Schools? Havoc. Work? Leave your kids behind and try to concentrate on being professional, in between running to the company bomb shelter, if you're lucky enough to have one. Driving on the road? Jump out of your car and seek safety along a cement wall.

Support Israel's right to defend herself. And to do what we have to do, to ensure we put an end to this threat on our children's lives - for good.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

IDF humanity vs Hamas cruelty

Saturday night, Motzei Shabbat toldot -

*Israeli Defense Forces are having a tough time taking out the rocket launchers because the Arabs of Gaza are using human shields. The Hamas leadership has made sure to launch missiles from densely settled areas, from civilian apartment buildings and worse (details censored for now); making it tough for the Israelis, moral to the core, to attack.

*Its not a problem just for the southerners among us here in Israel now; many cities in the center of the country have been hit and we citizens, our families and children, have run to safe rooms more than once now. Perhaps this is what it takes to make enough of us angry and to do something serious about stopping the craziness.

*Most everyone I know has a soldier called up to serve and our army generals have admitted that preparations are underway for a ground attack on Gaza. Mayors of southern cities are on the air reminding that while Iron Dome is a protective measure, this ground game must be effective enough to act as a deterrent for more terrorism from Gaza.

*Our children are safe and our spirits are high; we appreciate your prayers and hope you tell your elected officials to do everything in their power to unconditionally support Israel in the coming days.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Social media warfare - dont fall for it

So they're at it again: Beware. The terrorist machine adopts social media warfare too. Dont fall for it. Tell your friends.

"Hamas uses photo of dead child from Syria to wage Twitter propaganda war against Israel; 

Update: More bogus injuries"

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pillar of Defense - Biblical cloud cover

“We recommend that no Hamas operatives, whether low level or senior leaders, show their faces above ground in the days ahead,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a Twitter message.

Pillar of Defense is underway - and our friends around the world should take note of two thoughts:

One, that this perhaps historic line of defense is titled after the biblical 'cloud cover' that Gd gave his people to wander thru the desert while becoming a nation; 

and two, on a more mundane note, our friends and neighbors and children and husbands (in our case the former two, so far) have been called up for reserve duty and we pray for their well-being while defending our great nation.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanks to all the great volunteers, from Republicans Abroad Israel to the man/woman on the street - dedicated American-Israelis who spoke out and continue to make a difference - we all can!

Cheshvan 23, 5773, 08/11/12 02:16

Project Red Sea Aimed to Bring Voice to Pro-Israel Community

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This time, it's good morning from Ohio... where we had what felt here like a surprising loss in yesterday's elections. Josh Mandel will not represent Ohioans in the Senate this term - a great guy with values and guts to work hard and take care of our interests. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wont lead us down a new path of economic growth and a rebuilding of America as world leader.

But Israel will absorb this decision and go about her business. We've got internal elections, then national, and hopefully we'll come out strengthened and ahead of the game, ready to face the usual serious challenges in the Middle East - I wish it were all about the economy here (ours is looking pretty good, thanks in no small part to Netanyahu's policies), but we've got to deal with wonderful neighbors like Iran. 

So here's to a new day - the sun is shining in Ohio, so who knows what's possible next.
See you soon.