Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Government for Israel - its about time.

You can stop holding your political breath: Israel's about to get a new Government. Yes, as predicted, Lapid and Bennett/Ariel are in; the ultraorthodox parties are out, for now. Many ministers wont be shifting their positions, which gives nice continuity and a chance to get things done within the professional format. 

Dont expect small,  though - an expected 25-ish Ministers; but they've vowed to legislate an 18-minister minimum 'next time' (when its not their turn). The newbies will have to adopt a very steep learning curve as they maneuver our very major posts.

Let's hope that Netanyahu has the wisdom to have Moshe Bogie Yaalon serve as Defense Minister, and to deny promotion to some of the younger, more political hacks with little to offer than maneuvers and face value.

And the 'regular' members of knesset? While new to politics, many of them will now have their chance to learn quickly, and shine. Wishing them best of luck, and the wisdom to pay attention to others more experienced as well. 

You heard it here.
A new government presented Monday, voted on Tuesday and sworn in by the next day.
May Israel merit success, if not redemption, soon!

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