Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This time, it's good morning from Ohio... where we had what felt here like a surprising loss in yesterday's elections. Josh Mandel will not represent Ohioans in the Senate this term - a great guy with values and guts to work hard and take care of our interests. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan wont lead us down a new path of economic growth and a rebuilding of America as world leader.

But Israel will absorb this decision and go about her business. We've got internal elections, then national, and hopefully we'll come out strengthened and ahead of the game, ready to face the usual serious challenges in the Middle East - I wish it were all about the economy here (ours is looking pretty good, thanks in no small part to Netanyahu's policies), but we've got to deal with wonderful neighbors like Iran. 

So here's to a new day - the sun is shining in Ohio, so who knows what's possible next.
See you soon.


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