Monday, November 19, 2012

Code Red: Queens

Driving to work across the Williamsburg Bridge today, I tuned into WCBS News,
for traffic-and-weather-on-the-eights:

"Traffic in the Queens midtown tunnel..


Red Alert, Red Alert.
Missiles incoming, to Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island.
Residents of these areas - go into your protected rooms now.

Light traffic flow on the Triboro Bridge.... "

Sound surreal? Welcome to Israel. Thats what the news sounded like this morning, as I tuned in on my way to work in Jerusalem. The traffic report was smoothly replaced with a missile update, then returned to just as serenely. Terrorist missiles incoming from Gaza; 3.5 million Israelis under threat of attack, in and out of their safe rooms as the siren sounds. Fifteen seconds to run for cover. Ten minutes later, free to emerge and go about your daily business.

Schools? Havoc. Work? Leave your kids behind and try to concentrate on being professional, in between running to the company bomb shelter, if you're lucky enough to have one. Driving on the road? Jump out of your car and seek safety along a cement wall.

Support Israel's right to defend herself. And to do what we have to do, to ensure we put an end to this threat on our children's lives - for good.

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