Saturday, November 17, 2012

IDF humanity vs Hamas cruelty

Saturday night, Motzei Shabbat toldot -

*Israeli Defense Forces are having a tough time taking out the rocket launchers because the Arabs of Gaza are using human shields. The Hamas leadership has made sure to launch missiles from densely settled areas, from civilian apartment buildings and worse (details censored for now); making it tough for the Israelis, moral to the core, to attack.

*Its not a problem just for the southerners among us here in Israel now; many cities in the center of the country have been hit and we citizens, our families and children, have run to safe rooms more than once now. Perhaps this is what it takes to make enough of us angry and to do something serious about stopping the craziness.

*Most everyone I know has a soldier called up to serve and our army generals have admitted that preparations are underway for a ground attack on Gaza. Mayors of southern cities are on the air reminding that while Iron Dome is a protective measure, this ground game must be effective enough to act as a deterrent for more terrorism from Gaza.

*Our children are safe and our spirits are high; we appreciate your prayers and hope you tell your elected officials to do everything in their power to unconditionally support Israel in the coming days.


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  1. I am a friend of your cousin Beth and read your post via her facebook post. You, your family and Israel are in my prayers. To me you are all heroes!! Thanks for keeping the homeland strong.